When time is short and you need to get ready fast, a girl needs a good list of beauty hacks and tips to see her through. You cant always guarantee to have the right product or tool to hand, just when you need it, so sometimes we have to improvise and make do. We all love hacks and tips that make life a bit simpler, so here are ten amazing beauty hacks that you really should try.

1. Treat a pimple with a dab of Greek yoghurt

If you dab a little bit of Greek yoghurt on a pimple and leave it in for about twenty minutes, it will reduce the inflation and help to unclog the pore. Greek yoghurt has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce the redness and it contains lactic acid that will break down dead skin cells that could be whats blocking the pore and causing the pimple.

2. Make eyeshadow pop with whitepencil

To make an eyeshadow look more like the colour that you saw on the packaging, run a white eyepencil over your eyelid before you apply the eyeshadow. It creates the perfect base for the eyeshadow and it will even make sheer or the less heavily pigmented eyeshadows pop.

3. Use a teaspoon to keep mascara off your eyelids

To stop bits of mascara getting on your eyelids, hold a teaspoon over your eyelid, so it hugs right up against your eye. Then, you can sweep with the mascara brush and any excess mascara will go onto the back of the spoon and not onto your lids.

4. Use a chapstick on a sore nose

A chapstick works just as well on a sore nose as it does on your lips. The next time you catch a cold and your nose gets sore, try rubbing your chapstick on it and youll find that it does a wonderful of job of moisturising the dry skin and it eases the pain. Its a lot less greasy than something like Vaseline too.

5. Brighten up tired looking eyes with a touch of white

The easiest way to open up tired eyes and to give them a wide-awake look is to apply a small amount of white eyeliner, just to the corners of your eyes. It will brighten up your eyes and make the rest of your makeup look more noticeable too. No one will ever know you only got three hours of sleep the night before.

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