Have you ever thought that there must be a more scientific way to choose lipstick than just choosing the same shade you chose before, or grabbing a colour that looks good in the store and then trying out at home? While we dont believe that there are any hard and fast rules to makeup, there are some guidelines that you could follow that would help you select a shade of lipstick that will suit you. Here are ten tips to help you find the shade of lipstick that is most likely to compliment your skin tone.

1. Know what your skin undertone is

You need to know what type of complexion you have, and what your skin undertone is. You may already know this, because it is also helpful for when you are choosing foundation. The easiest way to tell if you have a warm, or a cool skin undertone, is to look at the colour of the veins in your wrists. If they have a bluish tinge, then you have a cool undertone and, if they appear to have a green tinge, then your skin undertone is warm.

2. Cool Vs Warm skin undertone

As a very general guide, if you have a warm skin undertone, then colours like pink and purple will suite you. If you have a cool skin undertone, then they richer colours like berries and plums might suit you better.

3. Daytime lipstick

When you are choosing a lipstick, dont forget that you will probably need different shades for different occasions. Most likely, you will have at least one subtle shade for day wear and a more dramatic, bold shade for the evenings. The easiest way to choose a lipstick that wont be too over the top for work is to choose a shade that is just two or three steps up from the natural colour of your skin.

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